Announcing ... Scottish Badger Week 20th-28th May 2017!

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We are pleased to announce Scottish Badger Week 2017 - a week of activities & awareness raising all about badgers! Running between Saturday 20th May and Sunday 28th May 2017 in partnership with Scottish Wildlife Trust, Scottish Badger Week aims to offer a range of opportunities to learn about, and get involved in protecting, this iconic and much-loved species.

As Scotland’s largest surviving carnivore, badgers are an intrinsic part of our biodiversity and landscape. They are, however, under threat from persecution, habitat loss and road deaths. During Scottish Badger Week, we’re calling on you to get involved in learning more about this much-loved species and to do your bit to help protect them for future generations to enjoy!

What’s happening?

From badger watches to information sessions and fundraising events, there are lots of exciting opportunities to learn more about badgers and to find out how you can help them. Check out events near you in our calendar. Here’s just a snapshot of what’s going on:

Saturday 20th May 2017: Evening badger watch, Scottish Wildlife Trust's Falls of Clyde Reserve, New Lanark – BOOK HERE.

Sunday 21st May 2017: Charity Pot Party at Lush Sauchiehall Street store, Glasgow! Drop in and say hello to our badger mascot! Dress up & show off your cheesiest grin at our badger selfie station!

Monday 22nd May 2017: Live badger watch on Facebook! From approximately 8pm. With commentary from the experts!

Saturday 27th May 2017: Evening badger watch, Scottish Wildlife Trust's Falls of Clyde Reserve, New Lanark – BOOK HERE.

Sunday 28th May 2017: Drop-in session at Scottish Widllife Trust Falls of Clyde reserve, 12 noon – 2pm. Come and find out all about badgers, volunteering opportunities and take a walk around the reserve to look for signs of badgers!

We’ll also be busy on social media during Scottish Badger Week. Follow Scottish Badgers on Facebook & Twitter and Scottish Wildlife Trust on Facebook & Twitter for daily updates, news stories, badger facts and ways to help out. #BadgerWeek is where it’s all happening – join in too by using the hashtag during the week!

What you can do to help?

There are lots ways you can help during Scottish Badger Week and beyond:


Help us open Scottish Badger Week with a virtual BANG by joining our Thunderclap campaign. It's quick & easy to pledge your support here. Also, you can:

  • Help spread the word far & wide by sharing our news & stories on social media using hashtag #BadgerWeek.
  • Report badger setts, live sightings and road deaths to us via our online form.
  • Register to volunteer with Scottish Wildlife Trust & Scottish Badgers at Falls of Clyde or elsewhere. Volunteer surveyors, badger watch assistants and trail camera assistants are all required.
  • Become a member of Scottish Badgers and Scottish Wildlife Trust to help support our work.
  • Sign up to monitor your local sett.

Further information

For further information on Scottish Badger Week, please contact our Project Officer Elaine Rainey by email or on 07565 813 401.


For issues related to badger crime, legislation, planning, mitigation, data searches and to log badger records:

Available between 09:00 and 17:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ONLY

Species Protection Co-ordinator

T: 07866 844232


For matters relating to our Badgers in the Landscape - Community Building for Wildlife project:

Project Officer

T: 07565 813401


For training, web presence and general enquiries:

T: 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536



Scottish Badgers (SCIO) Charity Number SCO34297.