Covid-19 updates Autumn/Winter 2020/21

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Please be aware of Scottish Government Tiers, and their implications for you. Whereas the advice below still stands, it can well be that you should not travel to the next local government area to survey.

There are clear indications in this of what activities can be undertaken out in the field, and the Trustees of Scottish Badgers can only recommend that all members follow the advice below. Stepping outside of the boundaries described has consequences, such as invalidating the insurance we carry for our activities. Please also be aware of your own risks, and taking precautions against any spread of the virus.

You should:

  • Travel only by yourself, or with members of your own household
  • Meet up with others (numbers will vary with tiers) at a location by respecting social distancing at all times. Use sanitisation just before meeting others
  • If at all possible, do not rely on the use of public toilets, and perhaps keep the length of surveys to a maximum of half a day
  • Plan a survey carefully with regard to the distance to be walked or climbed, and be conservative about inclement weather, or other factors extending any survey time. Don’t forget that you should always be aware of any official Weather Warnings, whether Yellow, Amber or Red. These are serious, summer or winter.
  • Not share any equipment, food, drink, or clothing
  • Have one person carrying out recording of setts and signs, to be shared afterwards by e-mail

If any member has queries over the information above, please contact either our Operations Coordinator or the Chair.

Eddie Palmer - Chairman


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