Monday Monitoring Sessions Return to South Lanarkshire

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We are now looking for volunteers to join us for the return of Monday Monitoring Sessions. These sessions, part of the Badgers in the Landscape project, began in February this year with the aim of re-visiting setts identified during the survey days. We are now looking to visit these setts once more to see what has changed. There is so much seasonal variation in badger activity and the use of different setts can fluctuate over time, so sett monitoring is a brilliant way to better understand badger behaviour and their habits throughout the year. Summer can be an interesting time to monitor setts. Cubs born in April or May are bigger now and foraging independently, and clans may be busy digging and extending their setts, so there is potential to see changes in sett use and number of entrances compared with the winter.

Photo: A badger path under a fence

Sett monitoring involves visiting a series of setts, looking for signs of activity and photographing what we find. This helps us to build up a picture of sett use over time, and is really important if there are ever any court cases in relation to these setts. By visiting a sett regularly, we are also able to identify any problems more quickly, and can notify the relevant authorities. This may not just be related to criminal activity – a reduction in sett activity could correspond with an increase in reported badger road deaths in the local area. The information we gather from sett monitoring could therefore help us to push for mitigation measures such as badger fencing and tunnels under key roads. 

Monitoring Session dates

Our monitoring sessions will kick off in July, and we’ll aim to revisit some of the setts we visited in February plus other key setts identified during the first year of the Badgers in the Landscape project. Dates planned so far are:

  • Monday 31st July 2017
  • Monday 14th August 2017
  • Monday 28th August 2017

Further dates will be added as we move into the Autumn.

Please note:

  • Sessions will run from 10am - 4pm, and we'll aim to visit a few setts during each session
  • Reasonable travel expenses can be reimbursed. We may be able to pick up volunteers from a local bus stop or train station. 
  • The sessions are open to all members of Scottish Badgers, and/or those who have attended a Badgers for Beginners course with us through the project. 

If you would like to find out more about sett monitoring, or sign up to help at one of the above sessions, please contact the Project Officer on or tel 07565 813 401.

We hope to see you out on a sett visit soon!


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