Scottish Badgers Code of Conduct for Members Launched

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Scottish Badgers has had a Code of Conduct for Trustees and also Advisors for some time. Now in answer to a number of requests from members about how to handle certain situations a Code of Conduct for members has been launched. You can read it here

Remember if you have any queries or concerns contact a trustee. We are here to work for you and are always happy to help.


For issues related to badger crime, legislation, planning, mitigation, data searches and to log badger records:

Available between 09:00 and 17:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ONLY

Species Protection Co-ordinator

T: 07866 844232


For matters relating to our Badgers in the Landscape - Community Building for Wildlife project:

Project Officer

T: 07565 813401


For training, web presence and general enquiries:

T: 07792 142446, 07570 915630 or 07973 273536



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