Completion of Badgers in the Landscape project

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Image: Volunteers and representatives from Scottish Badgers visiting a sett as part of the finale celebrations at the end of March.

Our three-year, Lottery funded ‘Badgers in the Landscape’ project drew to a close at the end of March. The project, assisted by partners South Lanarkshire Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, aimed to break the cultural cycle of badger cruelty in the region through community engagement.

Over the course of the project we recruited over 150 volunteers and trained over 170 people in topics such as Badger Awareness; Wildlife Crime Awareness; Leading & managing groups in outdoor situations; and our Registered Badger Worker training scheme.

Our survey volunteers found over 400 new setts, including over 50 badger day nests. They clocked up the equivalent of over 460 survey days, 3000+ survey hours and they walked over 5 million steps for the badgers!

With our partners the Scottish Wildlife Trust, we set up a national badger hub at Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve and Visitor Centre in New Lanark. We brought our Mammal Detectives roadshows into some of the most deprived parts of South Lanarkshire, teaching over 1600 children about the wonders of the wildlife on their doorstep. From this, we recruited a band of over 40 young Animal Ambassadors and a network of Teacher Ambassadors to take action in their local area.

We recently conducted a volunteer feedback survey to measure the impact of the project within the community. 100% of respondents rated their volunteering experience as “exceptional” with some describing the project as “life changing” and others stating “I can’t believe what I’m now capable of!”.

Image: The #SouthLanClan - a ‘sett’ of individualised, whittled badgers commissioned by the Project Officer as a gift to the volunteers.

The project was been so rewarding for us and we’d like to thank everyone who helped make the project such a success. Now, three years on, we have a skilled and motivated network of volunteers to take this work forward in the area. It’s been AMAZING! The video below is a summary of everything we have achieved over the past three years.

Elaine Rainey, Project Officer



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